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Fashion of Natural Stones
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Raw Collection

As more architects and designers are looking for originality and character in materials, Avandad has concentrated on the processing of natural stone surfaces. Technology joined with skillful personnel has created this new production line to satisfy customers' desires. Raw Collection by Avandad is all about finishing processes which could reflect the origin of stones. In this regard, using new technologies, the company is offering a wide range of granites, quartzites and marbles with various finishes revealing the spirit of basic elements as well as the hidden textures of stones.

  • Velvet Design
  • Hydro Design
  • Rock Design
  • Super Rock Design
  • Lineal Design
  • Lineal Plus Design
  • Lineal Extreme Light Design
  • Lineal Extreme Dark Design
  • Oblique Design
  • Cotton Design
  • Cotton Plus Design
  • Microdot Design
  • Double Wave Design
  • Rombo Design
  • Ikat Design
  • Casual Design
  • Grid Design
  • Stripe Design
  • Tidal Design
  • Absolute Black
  • Armani Gray
  • Black Cosmic
  • Black Crystal
  • Black Diamond
  • Black Forest
  • Black Horse
  • Black Ice
  • Bronze Antique
  • Brown Antique
  • Concrete Avorio
  • Concrete Blue
  • Dark Shadow
  • Fusion Wow
  • Golden Green
  • Grigio Elegante
  • Jurassic Brown
  • Kayrus
  • Kojin Granite
  • Kosmus A
  • Limestone Crema
  • Matrix
  • Ocean Red
  • Pietra Gray
  • Platinium
  • Quartzite Mont Blanc
  • Quartzite Taj Mahal
  • Rainbow Green
  • Sanded White
  • Spectrolite Blue
  • Splendor Black
  • Super Cream
  • Supra Gray
  • Venetian Granite
  • Via Lattea
  • Volga Blue

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