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Fashion of Natural Stones
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Flow Collection

While demand for traditional finishes are on the wane, a marked shift towards a more organic look is apparent. “Flow”, Avandad’s new collection, emerges from this trend and celebrates the inherent beauty of stones. The Collection epitomizes the cutting edge of technique and design, providing an infinite selection of finishing suited to any taste. Flow Collection by Avandad, existing in slab and tile is natural stone with glamorous textures made with tools and machines. Statuarietto Persia, Limestone Crema, Grigio Elegante and Pietra Gray are used to create this collection. Flow collection combined with special lighting techniques gives a very distinctive shine and shadow to stone surfaces.

  • Zigzag Design
  • Bevel Design
  • Curve Design
  • Cutout Design
  • Facet Design
  • Flute Design
  • Lattice Design
  • Quad Design
  • Round Design
  • Stud Design
  • Step Design
  • Hatch Design
  • Twill Design
  • Armani Gray
  • Grigio Elegante
  • Limestone Crema
  • Pietra Gray
  • Statuarietto Persia
  • Zebra Gray

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