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Precious Stone Collection

Original material is creatively interpreted to give life to infinite forms that convey splendour and magnificence. Amethyst, quartz, agate and etc. are transformed into coverings of sheer class. These stones, particularly the translucent varieties that can be lit-up from behind, create unique colour effects and add original touches to a room. To enhance rooms and make them unique.


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Agatona Polished
Amazonite Polished | Granite
Amethyst Polished
Black Crystal
Black Crystal Polished
Black Petrified Wood Normal
Black Petrified Wood Normal Polished
Black Petrified Wood Retro 3cm
Black Petrified Wood Retro 3cm Polished
Black Skin Agate
Black Skin Agate Polished
Blue Agate Light
Blue Agate Light Polished
Brown Petrified Wood Normal
Brown Petrified Wood Normal Polished
Brown Petrified Wood Retro
Brown Petrified Wood Retro Polished
Desert Jasper
Desert Jasper Polished
Elegant Gray Agate Extra
Elegant Gray Agate Extra Polished
Elegant Gray Agate Extra 3cm
Elegant Gray Agate Extra 3cm Polished
Gold Desert
Gold Desert Polished
Golden Crystal Extra
Golden Crystal Extra Polished
Green Skin Agate
Green Skin Agate Polished
Lemurian Blue
Lemurian Blue Polished | Granite
Milky Quartz
Milky Quartz Polished
Natural Agate
Natural Agate Polished
Natural Crystal
Natural Crystal Polished
Natural Crystal Extra
Natural Crystal Extra Polished
Natural Crystal Tornado
Natural Crystal Tornado Polished
Red River Agate
Red River Agate Polished
Red River Agate Extra
Red River Agate Extra Polished
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz Polished
Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz Polished
Smoky Quartz Dark
Smoky Quartz Dark Polished
Smoky Quartz Light
Smoky Quartz Light Polished
Sodalite Polished
Striata Green Agate
Striata Green Agate Polished
Tiger Iron Retro
Tiger Iron Retro Polished
Tiger Iron Wave
Tiger Iron Wave Polished
Tiger Iron Wild
Tiger Iron Wild Polished
Tiger's Eye Gold
Tiger's Eye Gold Polished
Tigers Eye Blue
Tigers Eye Blue Polished
Wild Agate
Wild Agate Polished

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