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Natural Stone Collection

Natural Stone Collection by Avandad offers the charm of nature with purity, exclusivity, uniqueness and originality. This collection contains natural stone slabs for different tastes with an application in residential and commercial projects in both outdoor and indoor ambiances.


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Afyon White
Afyon White Polished | Marble
Alaska White
Alaska White Polished | Granite
Alpinus Polished | Granite
Amazonite Polished | Granite
Arabescato Grigio
Arabescato Grigio Polished | Marble
Arabescato Orobico Black
Arabescato Orobico Black Polished | Marble
Arabescato Vagli Classic
Arabescato Vagli Classic Polished | Marble
Avocatus Leather | Granite
Azul Bahia
Azul Bahia Polished | Granite
Basalto Elegante
Basalto Elegante Honed | Quartzite
Belatrix Leather | Granite
Belvedere Polished | Granite
Belvedere Cross Cut
Belvedere Cross Cut Polished | Granite
Bianco Lasa Fantastico
Bianco Lasa Fantastico Polished | Marble
Bianco Lasa Macchia Vecchia
Bianco Lasa Macchia Vecchia Polished | Marble
Bianco Lasa Vena Oro
Bianco Lasa Vena Oro Polished | Marble
Bianco Venato
Bianco Venato Polished | Marble
Black Cosmic
Black Cosmic Polished | Granite
Black Crystal
Black Crystal Leather | Granite
Black Fantasy
Black Fantasy Leather | Quartzite
Black Galaxy
Black Galaxy Polished | Granite
Black Horse
Black Horse Polished | Granite
Black Ice
Black Ice Leather | Granite
Black Spider
Black Spider Polished | Granite
Black Spider
Black Spider Leather | Granite
Black Spider
Black Spider Honed | Granite
Black Spider Macchia Vecchia
Black Spider Macchia Vecchia Polished | Granite
Black Taurus
Black Taurus Polished | Granite
Black Tornado
Black Tornado Polished | Marble
Blanco Potiguar
Blanco Potiguar Polished | Granite
Blues In The Night
Blues In The Night Polished | Granite
Breccia Imperiale
Breccia Imperiale Leather | Granite
Breccia Pontificia
Breccia Pontificia Polished | Marble
Brech De Vendome
Brech De Vendome Polished | Marble
Bronze Antique
Bronze Antique Polished | Granite
Brown Silk
Brown Silk Polished | Quartzite
Cabernet Brown
Cabernet Brown Polished | Granite
Calacatta Cielo
Calacatta Cielo Polished | Marble
Calacatta Gold
Calacatta Gold Polished | Marble
Calacatta Macchia Vecchia Extra
Calacatta Macchia Vecchia Extra Polished | Marble
Calacatta Viola
Calacatta Viola Polished | Marble
Calacatta Wow
Calacatta Wow Polished | Marble
Calcite Azul Extra
Calcite Azul Extra Polished | Marble
Camouflage Polished | Marble
Cappuccino Polished | Marble
Carmelo Gray
Carmelo Gray Polished | Marble
Carrara White
Carrara White Polished | Marble
Cloudy White
Cloudy White Polished | Marble
Colonial Gold
Colonial Gold Polished | Granite
Concrete Avorio
Concrete Avorio Leather | Granite
Copper Dune
Copper Dune Polished | Quartzite
Crema Venato
Crema Venato Polished | Marble
Cristallo Rosa
Cristallo Rosa Polished | Quartzite
Dalmata Polished | Marble
Dalmata Blue
Dalmata Blue Polished | Marble
Dedalus Polished | Marble
Delicatus White
Delicatus White Polished | Granite
Diaspro Di Sicilia
Diaspro Di Sicilia Polished | Marble
Dover White
Dover White Polished | Marble
Easy Concrete
Easy Concrete Leather | Granite
Elegant Black
Elegant Black Polished | Granite
Elegant Brown
Elegant Brown Polished | Quartzite
Explosion Blue
Explosion Blue Polished | Quartzite
Fantasy White
Fantasy White Polished | Marble
Fior Di Pesco Apuano
Fior Di Pesco Apuano Polished | Marble
Fusion Wow
Fusion Wow Polished | Granite
Galassia Gold
Galassia Gold Polished | Granite
Giallo Siena Extra
Giallo Siena Extra Polished | Marble
Golden Beach
Golden Beach Polished | Granite
Golden Cobra
Golden Cobra Polished | Marble
Green River
Green River Polished | Marble
Icy Wave
Icy Wave Polished | Marble
Invisible Light
Invisible Light Polished | Marble
Irish Green
Irish Green Polished | Marble
J Stone
J Stone Polished | Marble
Jacaranda Polished | Quartzite
Jurassic Brown
Jurassic Brown Polished | Marble
Kayrus Polished | Granite
Kosmus Gold
Kosmus Gold Polished | Granite
Kosmus Silver
Kosmus Silver Leather | Granite
Labradorite Lemurian
Labradorite Lemurian Polished | Granite
Lumix Crystal
Lumix Crystal Polished | Quartzite
Lundhs Antique
Lundhs Antique Polished | Granite
Magma Black
Magma Black Polished | Granite
Magma Gold
Magma Gold Polished | Granite
Matrix Leather | Granite
Midnight Black
Midnight Black Polished | Granite
Mirage Polished | Quartzite
Montana Taupe
Montana Taupe Polished | Granite
Mystery White
Mystery White Polished | Marble
Mystic Brown
Mystic Brown Polished | Marble
Native Black
Native Black Leather | Granite
Negresco Leather | Granite
Nero Antico
Nero Antico Polished | Marble
Nero Assolutto
Nero Assolutto Polished | Granite
Nero Assolutto
Nero Assolutto Honed | Granite
Nero Marquina
Nero Marquina Polished | Marble
New Azul Aran
New Azul Aran Polished | Granite
New Golden Silver
New Golden Silver Polished | Granite
New Grand Antique
New Grand Antique Polished | Marble
New Turmaline
New Turmaline Polished | Granite
Noir Blanc
Noir Blanc Polished | Granite
Onice Black
Onice Black Polished | Onyx
Onice Fantastico
Onice Fantastico Polished | Onyx
Opera Fantastico Extra
Opera Fantastico Extra Polished | Marble
Opra D'arte
Opra D'arte Polished | Marble
Oyster Quartz
Oyster Quartz Polished | Quartzite
Oyster White
Oyster White Polished | Marble
Para Green
Para Green Polished | Granite
Patagonia A
Patagonia A Polished | Granite
Patagonia Green Wow
Patagonia Green Wow Polished | Granite
Patagonia Original
Patagonia Original Polished | Granite
Patagonia Tourmaline
Patagonia Tourmaline Polished | Granite
Persian White
Persian White Polished | Granite
Platinium Polished | Granite
Port Laurent
Port Laurent Leather | Marble
Portoro Brecciato
Portoro Brecciato Polished | Marble
Python Black
Python Black Polished | Granite
Quartzite Amethyst
Quartzite Amethyst Polished | Quartzite
Quartzite Anthracite
Quartzite Anthracite Leather | Quartzite
Quartzite Azul Imperiale
Quartzite Azul Imperiale Polished | Quartzite
Quartzite Azul Macaubas
Quartzite Azul Macaubas Polished | Quartzite
Quartzite Cielo
Quartzite Cielo Polished | Quartzite
Quartzite Emerald
Quartzite Emerald Polished | Quartzite
Quartzite Grand Antique
Quartzite Grand Antique Polished | Quartzite
Quartzite Gray
Quartzite Gray Honed | Quartzite
Quartzite Jebra Blue
Quartzite Jebra Blue Polished | Quartzite
Quartzite Levanto
Quartzite Levanto Leather | Quartzite
Quartzite Michelangelo
Quartzite Michelangelo Polished | Quartzite
Quartzite Mont Blanc
Quartzite Mont Blanc Polished | Quartzite
Quartzite Naica
Quartzite Naica Polished | Quartzite
Quartzite Naica
Quartzite Naica Leather | Quartzite
Quartzite Piombo
Quartzite Piombo Polished | Quartzite
Quartzite Super Black
Quartzite Super Black Leather | Quartzite
Quartzite Taj Mahal
Quartzite Taj Mahal Polished | Quartzite
Quartzite Taj Mahal
Quartzite Taj Mahal Leather | Quartzite
Quartzite UVA
Quartzite UVA Polished | Quartzite
Quartzite Van Gogh
Quartzite Van Gogh Polished | Quartzite
Quarzo Rosa
Quarzo Rosa Polished | Quartzite
Raggio Di Luna
Raggio Di Luna Polished | Quartzite
River Stone Leather
River Stone Leather Leather | Granite
River White
River White Polished | Marble
Royal White
Royal White Polished | Marble
Sahara Noir
Sahara Noir Polished | Marble
Sequoia Brown Leather
Sequoia Brown Leather Leather | Quartzite
Serpeggiante Avorio
Serpeggiante Avorio Polished | Marble
Silver Fusion
Silver Fusion Polished | Granite
Silver Roots
Silver Roots Polished | Marble
Sky Jade
Sky Jade Polished | Marble
Snow White
Snow White Polished | Marble
Snow White Venato
Snow White Venato Polished | Marble
Spiderman Polished | Quartzite
Splendor Black
Splendor Black Leather | Granite
Splendor White LG
Splendor White LG Polished | Granite
Statuarietto Classic
Statuarietto Classic Polished | Marble
Statuarietto Persia Extra
Statuarietto Persia Extra Polished | Marble
Statuarietto Persia Super Extra
Statuarietto Persia Super Extra Polished | Marble
Stone Wood
Stone Wood Polished | Quartzite
Striato Calcite
Striato Calcite Polished | Marble
Super White Top
Super White Top Polished | Quartzite
Titanium MC
Titanium MC Polished | Granite
Titanium SN
Titanium SN Polished | Granite
Tourmaline Quartze
Tourmaline Quartze Polished | Quartzite
Tropical Storm Gold
Tropical Storm Gold Polished | Granite
Twister Black
Twister Black Polished | Granite
Verde Amazonia
Verde Amazonia Polished | Granite
Via Lattea
Via Lattea Polished | Granite
Volakas Extra
Volakas Extra Polished | Marble
Volga Blue
Volga Blue Polished | Granite
Volga Blue
Volga Blue Leather | Granite
Vuca Gray
Vuca Gray Polished | Marble
White Pearl
White Pearl Polished | Marble
White Super
White Super Polished | Quartzite
Zebra Gray
Zebra Gray Honed | Marble
Zebrino Bianco
Zebrino Bianco Polished | Marble

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