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Care & Maintenance Of Quartzite Stones

Maintenance Guide for Quartzite   

Quartzite stone is a metamorphic rock converted from sandstone through heating and high pressure in the nature. This type of material is a compressed crystalized stone which is normally a very hard substance. Quartzite stones are used for both indoor and outdoor spaces in the field of construction.

Quartzite stone is divided into two different groups: Soft quartzite and hard quartzite. Due to having a lot of crystals in its structure, hard quartzite similarly to granite has low absorption characteristics. Therefore, you can use in various places with a certain amount of care and maintenance. Applying treatment is only suggested for this material. However, soft quartzite can be absorbent and it is recommended to apply treatment on it.  

It is highly advised to clean up any dirt or stain from its surface in the minimum time. Hard quartzite is a strong material, but it is asked not to work directly with knife on top of the surface without a cutting board. Putting a hot item directly on quartzite would not harm the material, but it is suggested using a trivet.

Cleaning with acidic cleaners would affect the shininess of quartzite in long term and make it mat. The best items to consume are neutral cleaners and a microfiber cloth. In order to avoid any potential stain caused by the remainder of water, one can clean up the surface with a dry piece of fabric.