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Care & Maintenance Of Granite Stones

Maintenance Guide for Granite      

Granite stone is an igneous rock which is considered a hard material in the nature. Toughness, hard physical characteristics, low absorption and the variety of colors and textures have made granite a widespread construction stone for indoor and outdoor uses throughout history.

In order to preserve its beauty like any other natural material, granites need maintenance and care. Although granites are considered a very resistant material, it is recommended to clean up any dirt or stain from its surface in the minimum time. Granites are hard materials, but it is asked not to work directly with knife on top of the surface without a cutting board. Putting a hot item directly on granite would not harm the material, but it is suggested using a trivet.

Cleaning with acidic cleaners would affect the shininess of granites in long term and make it mat. The best items to consume are neutral cleaners and a microfiber cloth. In order to avoid any potential stain caused by the remainder of water, one can clean up the surface with a dry piece of fabric.